Welcome to the David Antonetti Laboratory

Research in the Antonetti laboratory focuses on understanding the blood brain barrier and blood retinal barrier and to explore the changes that occur in these barriers with diseases such as stroke, brain tumors, and diabetic retinopathy. Our research emphasizes identifying targets and developing novel therapies to treat these disease.

News From the Antonetti Lab

-Our Recent Post-Doctoral Fellow Andreia Goncalves just got a job at Jansen Pharmaceuticals to study retinal eye diseases. Way to go Andreia!!

-Monica Coranguez Diaz just finished her research with us and has taken a faculty position at Cinvestav, Mexico City, Mexico. Congratulation Monica, we look forward to seeing you research. 

-Recently Alyssa Dreffs was highlighted in the UM health blog for her ongong research efforts in diabetic retinopathy. Thanks for the great work Alyssa! https://healthblog.uofmhealth.org/lifestyle/research-a-purpose

Students and post-doctoral fellows please contact dantonet@med.umich. edu to find out more.